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Celina Caesar-Chavannes Keynote Speaker

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In alignment with the UN Global Goal #17 for Sustainment, we focus on the delivery of intentional Partnerships for the Goals. As such, we make a conscious effort to work with other values-aligned organizations and people to “strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development”. Learn more about the UN SDGs at

our commitment to equity, diversity, & inclusion

Please read this DE&I-101_071720 deck graciously provided by Summit community member Josh Reid. 

In a commitment to anti-racism and anti-hate, we will only provide events and foster partnerships that respect and make possible the diversity of human experience with knowledge exchanged in ways that are accessible and inclusive for everyone.  We are learning and working to create a space, image and opportunities for health and wellness that are inclusive. 

We value inclusivity and have created a scholarship fund through ‘pay-it-forward’ donations so that people who may not be able to attend due to financial barriers are able to access and participate in Summit events.

We encourage anyone experiencing a barrier to access our in-person or virtual experiences to contact us ahead of time, so that we may find a way to accommodate your participation 

If you are experiencing a financial barrier, email us at to apply for our Summit Scholarship Fund to support your  access to Summit sessions. 

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